The 20/30 Research and Development department is made up of a dynamic team with specialties in Microbiology (PhD, Mphil), Applied Microbiology, Decontamination, Molecular Biology, Parasitology, Virology, Clinical, Biochemistry, Botany and Life Sciences. Our BSL II facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including a Class 5 clean room, ICP-MS, 3D printing, PCR, liquid handling automation, medical packing systems, air sampling and cascade impaction devices and microorganism preservation technology.

We invest largely in new research projects, novel method development, publications, proof of concept, product design and compliance and evidential work to improve the testing standards within the industry as well as offering our expertise to numerous governing bodies. Accredited to BS EN ISO 13485 for “The provision of microbiological testing and consultancy for the medical device industry” we are able to offer a wide range of microbiological validation services for medical devices including decontamination assurance, testing the design of decontamination processes, diagnosis of contamination events, performance qualification, shelf-life testing and proof of concept.

Our goal is to help the medical device industry identify where and why issues are occurring and give guidance on how to resolve them, whether it be changes in workflow, design, decontamination processes or the products utilised. Please get in touch if you require consultation or testing.