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ISO 14698 describes the basic methodology to assess and control bio-contamination in cleanrooms, including active air sampling, contact plates and settle plates. Zones at risk of bio-contamination can be monitored using these methods in a reproducible manner, meaning appropriate control measure can be implemented if necessary.

Active Air Sampling

Active Air testing involves extracting a set volume of air within a given environment into a calibrated sampler which is then passed onto the surface on an agar plate. Plates are then incubated to allow the growth of colonies of airborne microbes.

Active Air Sampling

Contact Plate

Contact Plates

Contact plates are used to measure microbial contamination of work surfaces. The surface of the medium is pressed against a flat sampling surface to pick up any microorganisms that may have settled onto the location by operator contact or from the environment.

Settle Plates

Settle plates give an indication of airborne microbial contamination. Agar plates are left, uncovered, for a set period of time. Any airborne microorganisms that settle onto the surface of the agar plate will grow on incubation, and give a representative measure of the microorganisms that may deposit onto surfaces and exposed medical devices within a cleanroom.

Settle Plates Cleanroom



Swabs are used on irregular, uneven surfaces where contact plates cannot otherwise be used. Swabs will be wiped over such surfaces, and subsequently tested in 20/30 Labs purpose built laboratory. Swabs provide a reliable way of assessing contamination levels, thus measuring routine cleaning efficiency.

Finger Imprint Plates

Operators will press their fingertips directly onto an agar plate. Plates are then incubated at 20/30 Labs, and microbial contamination is assessed, helping to indicate flaws in operator gloving technique and or hand washing protocols.

For all the microbiological tests above, we can test for the presence of bacteria or fungi using specific agar and incubation conditions. Microscopy, staining and biochemical tests are carried out on any colonies grown, to give basic identification of any microbes detected.

Finger Imprint Test


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We provide the complete package and also offer Airborne Particulate Counts and Bioburden and Sterility testing.

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