At 20/30 Labs we recognise that one size does not fit all. Instead, we have developed a unique logistics solution to allow timely, national coverage.

Our logistics solution offers a combination of options to ensure samples are returned to the lab within the required timescales and temperatures (samples for microbiological analysis are time-sensitive and have to be analysed within strict time limits, as dictated by the relevant standards and imposed by UKAS). We are proud to partner with a large same-day dedicated courier which we work with alongside an overnight service.

Our same day service is operated by our partners, ATA. They have 27 depots throughout the UK and deliver the samples back to us, usually before 8pm on the same day as the collection. These samples are then processed immediately by our night team of microbiologists. Our overnight service is operated by TNT, with whom we hold a major account, giving us total coverage of the UK. We track all outgoing kits and incoming samples.

Samples can be dropped into any of the 52 TNT depots across the UK, and/or dedicated drivers are able to collect samples from the site. Samples are returned to the laboratory on a priority service before 8am the next day so that testing can be carried out within the relevant time frames.

To further ensure sample integrity and prevent potentially inaccurate results, sample temperature conditions are maintained during transit. We pride ourselves on being one of the only laboratories that provide temperature validated shipping boxes to ensure the integrity of samples during transit.

By controlling both the temperature at which samples are transported and by limiting time between sampling and analysis, 20/30 Labs aim to provide customers with the most accurate and reliable results possible.