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  • Poetry Day


    Poems can come in all shapes and sizes, a bit like bacteria! To celebrate National Poetry Day, we’ve written, or found some poems about bacteria. Try being a bit creative today and have a go at writing your own poem:

    Bacteria (Haiku) by Kelly Kurt 

    Haiku poems originate from Japan, and are a simple type of poem where the first and third lines have five syllables each, and the second line has seven syllables.


    “Single cell life form

    Essential to human health

    We’re more them than us”




    These poems are often silly and written in five lines with a AABBA rhyme scheme.  They often tell a story, so being with “There once was” or “There was”.


    There once was a bacterium; E.coli is its name,

    Whose contribution to science would put any Scientist to shame,

    But when eaten in a meal not cooked quite through,

    Can result in a person having to violently…spew,

    And perhaps make a food poisoning claim!



    A sonnet contains 14 lines, typically with two rhyming stanzas known as a rhyming couplet at the end- there a few types, including Shakespearean – named after the famous English poet Shakespeare who wrote more than 150 of them! ABABCDCDEFEFGG


    Bacteria are found basically everywhere,

    From skin and hair and plant and soil,

    And food and water and in the air,

    And even in deep sea vents that boil.

    They can be simple, but also diverse;

    They can also be good, but also bad,

    So in their honour we wrote poetic verse

    (Because, yes, we really are that sad).

    We always think of those causing disease,

    Like syphilis, typhoid and the plague,

    Giving us pains and making us sneeze,

    About useful bacteria we can be quite vague.

    So here’s a thank you, from us to them,

    In our attempt at a sonnet poem!



    Free Verse

    This is a type of poem that doesn’t require any rhyme scheme or meter, but does tend to use creative language such as alliteration.


    Bacteria have been around for years and years

    They’re small, simple, and single-celled

    To stay alive, survive and compete,

    Have evolved many tricks, tools and techniques

    Some produce antibiotics or chemicals to kill,

    Or create proteins to protect them from predators,

    They are quick to evolve and find new places to live,

    Resistance to drugs is causing doctors drama.

    Whilst we’re quick to treat them, we want them gone,

    We should remember our relationships and not get rid.


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