Products & Innovation

The 20/30 Products department utilises 15 years of industry experience to develop commercial properties, concepts and IPs. This is chiefly in the field of decontamination assurance and specifically involved in areas such as residual protein detection, decontamination qualification and rapid detection of target microorganisms.

We undertake product design, validation and upscale to manufacture on behalf of third parties as well as under the 2030 Products banner; all manufactured here in the UK. We design, develop and produce consumables in the decontamination field, such as cleaning equipment within EDUs and SSDs, disinfectants and biofilm removing chemistries.

We specialise in resolving existing challenges within the medical device reprocessing environment. Our goal is to make decontamination processes easier, more effective, quicker, cheaper, more reliable and safer. Please get in touch if you have a product design requirement, require product development consultation, or require validation data for an existing idea.